Is this what it means to be a scorned women who's given up on love?

I just feel like love will never happen to me and for some reason I'm okay with that. I don't like watching romantic movies or reading romance stories or listening to love songs or seeing cute couples anymore, not because I hate them or anything. I'm just indifferent. I've been hurt by men to the point where I'm just indifferent. I feel so blah about love. I no longer fantasize about my future boyfriend or husband. I just don't think it will happen to me.

It's like I'm so drained to the point where idc if I'm alone


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  • If every guy you've ever dated has screwed you over then its at least partially your fault for having bad taste in men and not learning from past mistakes.


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  • I feel like you're just intune with yourself and you're not opposed to a future love but you're not looking for it and thats okay. But You will most likely have another one, you're young and aslong as you're open to it, don't eat them like all the others you will do just fine.