Met the girl of my dreams but I'm moving away for 2 years. How can I be fair to her?

I'm moving interstate next week for 2 weeks. I met this awesome girl on a dating app this week. I never thought I'd meet someone like her on a dating app who I click so well with. She's highly educated (doctor), extremely beautiful and was a swimsuit model. She's into all the stuff I'm into and she's really into me. She called me up just to tell me that I was the only guy she truly liked out of 100s who've been hitting on her in real life and on the app. We've only met in person once, but the spark and romance and everything was there.
I broke it to her that I'm leaving next week. She's not happy about it, but is still talking to me every day and trying to meet up as often as possible.
The problem is... how on earth can I do long distance for 2 years? I don't think it's fair on either of us if we can't see each other and can't date anyone else in the mean time. But then again.. people like this don't come into your life every day.
Do I just keep in touch with her but make it clear that we should both be free to date others? Do I just let this go?


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  • you dont do long distance for 2 years. keep in contact minimally if you want, but if you keep talking to her every day it'll mess with your head. just let her go bro, you'll meet someone new.


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  • If she's worth it, 2 years is nothing

  • It's possible to do long distance for two years, but both of you must really want it and prioritize the time you talk to each other. Do you have to move away for two years or could you move away for a shorter time? Is it very far or could you still see each other from time to time?

    • Thanks for your response. It's a 2 year contract, and it's 4hr away by flight, return flights cost about $600.

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  • Pics for judging of negs