I need some insight, help me out?

(For reference, I am 16)
I am a high school student (second year) and most of the kids I go to school with are in a relationship/sexualy active. They all think it is strange that I have never had my first kiss, and that I've never had a boyfriend. Personally, I am not attracted to any of the boys at my school... I tend to like older guys, I am talking about 20 years and older. I feel a bit left behind, and my peers pressure me to say "yes" to guys all the time, but I just feel awkward. All they want to do is kiss and "get from base to base" so they can high five their friends later, and they expect me to be attracted to them when they don't take care of themselves and get high every lunch.

Sometimes, I feel like a 30 year old stuck in a teenagers body. Can any other girls relate to this? Or do I have impossibly high standars?

Please lend some insight on whether or not I should indulge more in my peers behaviours.. Thank you!


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  • You obviously shouldn't give in to peer pressure. Do what YOU feel is right and not what others want you to do.

    Also it is not uncommon for girls to like older guys. Usually in the realm of 2-5 years older. Anything older than that can hint to some deeper lying issues, like being very insecure and wanting someone to take your hand and lead you with his experience and taking responsibility of you, etc. and/or daddy-issues.


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  • I feel you girl. I really do. I've had a guy who likes me tell me I talk like an 80 year old sometimes. On the contrary I'm also called a little kid a lot. But I think it's completely okay to wait for the right time and person. There is no point of rushing into a relationship for douse bags in society. Live free and let people think what they have to. Stay awesome. When the right guy comes it'll all happen. Rushing into sex is really stupid. Kids around you probably just aren't mature enough to to understand the seriousness of it.


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  • Omg yes this! I feel much older than I am, and I've heard it a bunch too. But in the opposite I feel that I've experienced a lot more than the average 21 year old. Either way though its okay to say no because you're not interested, you really shouldn't because at the end of the day all you will have is bad experience, and even if the kiss is good you won't enjoy it.

  • I can totally relate. You should NOT indulge in behaviors IF it's for the wrong reasons. If you honestly put aside what people have said to you and are trying to pressure you into doing and you genuinely and whole heartedly would like to do those things then it's your decision, BUT you should first consider the cause and effect of your actions.