I'm always a third wheel?

I've noticed that I'm always a third wheel when it comes to my friends relationships. I'm never getting any attention from the guys I like, yeah I get attention from guys but that's in clubs and I don't really think it counts much. In terms of guys I'm around every day at college showing interest none of them have and it's getting me down. I'm constantly told I'm really 'beautiful' and how I should consider doing modelling even. So why aren't the guys my age that I would be interested in approaching me? I don't get it. I don't like feeling like this dumb friend who's just there third wheeling and it's annoying for me because I help everyone with their relationship problems as if it's my problem when it isn't. I know people are gonna tell me that if guys don't approach me I need to step up and do it myself but I have really strong fears of rejection, I feel inexperienced with talking to boys seeing as I haven't talked to many or ever even had a boyfriend so I'm scared to make the first move and feel I might not get the reaction I want.


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