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Hey y'all, just a question about my ex. We went on a break maybe a month ago after a year and a half long relationship. Well, I found out that he's already dating someone else. We never even officially broke up! I don't know why because everything seemed so perfect right before, so I'm guessing he got bored? I know it may be wrong and stupid, but I just want him back. I'm two hours away and I just want him to miss me and I want him to think about all the good times. He still has OUR dog, too. I just don't get it. From this far away, how can I get him to miss me and think of me, without calling him. I'm trying to leave him alone. Please no rude comments, I just really need answers. Thanks.


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  • Well, I don't know. If you're not going to contact him you could send him something but throwing money at these problems fixes nothing. You may have to just admit to yourself that if he's moved on it's over. You definitely don't want to be the rebound chick when his current fling ends.


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  • Most likely he still cares. Most likely he had a major issue and instead of working on it or breaking up because those things are hard he just ran away. I have done the same thing almost the same thing anyway. I really liked the girl I was dating but I was going through a lot and our small issues started to drive me nuts. I ended up telling her things where done and trying to move on as fast as I could instead of talking to her and trying to fix things.

    • The best idea just give it time and space. After 3 weeks or so text him, start slow and work up and see where it goes.

  • Let it go.


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