Girls, would you ever date a bisexual guy?

I'm bisexual, but I only see future being married with a girl and have children. Does dating a bisexual guy make you a little unconftable?


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  • I dont think so. I might even consider myself bisexual BC I have been attracted to women but in a relationship I couldn't get with a bisexual Man. I just can't I don't know why. Maybe the fact that he finds both women and men attractive would be too much for me. Honestly I dont mean this to offend you or anyone its just how I feel

  • My first serious boyfriend waa bisexual. Lots of people always ask me, what was it like? But honestly, it wasn't any different than dating a guy who was straight. Because when he was with me, he was with ME and me only. Though I'll admit it does factor in how I'd respond to him hanging out with friends without me. That was also partially because he was almost 3 years older than me andy maturity level wasn't very high lol