Why Do Women Come Back and Stay, Even Though You've Hurt/Disappointed Them?

I saw this girl last year for 5 months, some bad happened when I had Tinder and saw other girls while I saw her. I also hit her dog because it was being agressive towards me with a pillow. I went to Europe and she still talked to me. She tried to go on dates with others, but none were matches, except 1 which lasted 2 months and then he just left for Europe. I talked to her in the fall, she eventually came back to me in October 2015 and been seeing her since. I've annoyed her and she's gotten upset at some things, including me not fully trusting her when I should since she's always honest and genuine. She even told me she has Tinder, but that's because of what happened last year and it doesn't make me upset. I am 25, she is 28 and finishing her last semester in Vet College. I never thought she would want to see me again. I find her incredibly attractive, as she does with me. Sex is amazing, we always both get off. When we see each other it's always fun and never a bad time. I have some insecurities, but that's because I've never had a girl come back to me. Sometimes I feel like when she is upset or angry at me that she's going to call it off, but the next day or day after she is fine.

I can post more details if necessary. Thanks.


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