Girls, I had a first date with a girl, if we did not kiss does it mean she will friendzone me?

while we were talking, she mentioned she is againt kissing on the first date, because a guy and a girl may lost their friendship. does it mean i am in high risk in getting friendsone?


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  • No, not everyone is comfortable kissing on the first date, and maybe she wanted to see how she felt for you in the end so she knows whether or not to pursue you, and not lead you on incase she feels otherwise.


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  • It's find on your first date. First dates always (well mostly) determine whether you two are compatible. Kissing on the first date is optional... Does kissing include a peck on the cheek?

    • chick kiiss was, but not in lips. is it bad?

    • is it a risk i will get friendzoned?