What makes a guy date a girl?

This guy and I have been flirting endlessly for weeks and we finally kissed last night. We stayed up late kissing and talking, and we never fooled around or did anything more than just make out. We spent the day today hanging out and talking until I had to go to work. I feel awkward when that time comes when I'm leaving and I'm not sure if he'll ask for my number. As I go to leave he picks up a pen, which makes me think he's going to ask for it. Then, out of no where he says, "last night was just fun, right?" I say yes a little too emphatically and nod my head with a smile and leave. What makes a girl he just wanted to have fun with rather than a girl he wanted to see again and maybe even date?


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  • hes f***ing with ur head. let his ass go


What Girls Said 1

  • he doesn't sound interested in dating you. screw him and move on. if you try to make him like you, you'll just come off as clingy and desperate- some girl he hooked up with and it was fun, but now she thinks they ought to be together.