Why does he have to be so mean?

Has anyone dated someone who was very nice and kind in the beginning but after a disagreement things sort of shifted? I've been seeing this guy a little over 10 weeks. We didn't have a full out argument but more of a disagreement. It happened over the phone and he started acting mean. He knows I'm a sensitive girl and he threw that at me when I asked why he was acting this way towards me. He said he's not going to throw a pitty party which wasn't what I was aiming for I just was a little blown away that he was being this way towards me. He later said "I'll just find someone else who can handle the way I am because of my job better". He job wasn't brough up before but he was reffering to the way people are rude to each other at work. I wasn't quite sure where that was coming from but that is so mean and rude! I did tell him he is not going to speak to me this way and if he thinks there's someone better that's fine because I deserve to be with someone who would never make me feel bad about the person I am.

He apologized saying " You deserve better. I though you should know that. I should not be treating you like this. I know I have things I have to work on. You're right with everything you said and that he does want to see me tomorrow (today)." My concern is I know couples who are happy but there disagreements don't go this far. I know two couples who don't even fight at all, they are just nice to each other. Has anyone had a disagreement like this, how did you handle it? Did things get better after that first argument?


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