Will she talk to me again?

I was hanging out with this girl yesterday at the mall for the first time and it was going pretty good. We held hands, hugged a few times so yeah it was going good. Then we grabbed a bite to eat and after went to my car and started making out. I asked her if she wanted to have sex subliminally a few times and she basically kept saying no. After a while she kinda just drew back and said she wanted to go home. During the ride back she was pretty quiet but opened up towards the end a little and said she had felt uncomfortable and didn't like that I was so persistent on sex even though we just met. I really didn't mean for it to go like that but I just really liked her. I asked her to call me sometime and she said maybe. What did I do wrong and how can I get back on good terms. I really did like her. I already sent a good morning and apology text to no response.


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