She says she's still in to me but won't have sex with me anymore. Why?

I've been dating this girl for like a month now. We new each other from fb and had been talking for a few years before we actually hooked up. I was struggling looking for work so she let me stay with her. We've had sex a handful of times but lately she has been shaking me off and denying my advances. I've ask her twice why this is but really can't get a straight answer. I told her if there's a problem just tell me that I could make other arrangements and move on instead of being with someone who's not into me but she assures me that she likes me and wants the relationship to move forward and become more. I'm just so confused because on fb she writes all this sweet loving stuff about me and the relationship but isn't really showing me any affection in real life. What should I do?


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  • Seems as if she's trying to move a bit slower with things since you moved in and may be a bit scared of how fast things are going.


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  • Are you employed now and, or contributing financially to the household?

    If no, then, perhaps, that's where the problem lies, my friend. There are very few things which turn most women off quicker than a guy who resides with them for a reasonable amount of time without doing his part.