He felt rejected by me, but we still sleep together. Did he loose all feelings for me or does he just not want to show them?

We first hooked up a year ago, and have been hooking up ever since. A month after, he asked me out on a date and we then hung out a few more times. But I was still at school then, three hours away so we would just sleep together whenever we saw each other. We never talked about what we were or our feelings and I guess we both assumed it was casual. There was a lot of mixed signals from both sides and I think he felt I had rejected him a few months ago when he tried to kiss me, I didn't let him so he just left the bar. He got pretty mad, we didn't hook up for two months but then started again. But we just sleep together now.. We recently talked when we were drunk and he told me he was just scared of rejection and being hurt and he didn't know how to say how he felt. And he also said he was hurt and upset over what I said (When I was angry because I didn't know what we were I told him we should just be friends..). I said I liked him and he said he liked me also. I really want to start over. I like and care for him and want to hangout with him again, I think we bith just messed it up


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, I think you both messed it up, I think he might have lost his feelings for you now.

    • why do you think he lost his feelings for me?

What Girls Said 2

  • Just tell him you like him and you're unsure about his feelings. That way you'll be able to figure out what to do next

    • I told him I liked him and he told me he liked me but we were both drunk. How do I bring this up?

    • If you were both drunk, I wouldn't take it seriously if I was you. Just ask him if he remembers the time when you were both drunk and you said you liked each other then ask him.

  • Sounds to me like he does have feelings but because you rejected him he doesn't want to put himself out there again because he doesn't want to get rejected by you again. He wants more than just the physical but doesn't want to get hurt again so just sticks to having sex with you and nothing else. I think you have to be the one to make the move and let him know you didn't mean to reject him and make him feel comfortable again to be vunerable

    • I just dont want to look stupid and I feel like I am just annoying him by talking to him and talking about our feelings:(