How do I go about this situation?

I was sexually abuse as a child, so when people come close to me I would push them away. I have a fear of letting people in so I would run away from them. I'm seeing this guy and this is the first time I actually felt something for someone. Usually, I feel numb and force myself to be with someone. The thing is I told him that I tend to need at least two weeks of alone time and then I can be with him again. This is my way of not getting close to him, but I feel bad because he actually won't contact me those day, and then he would take me out on a date and the process repeat again. I want to see him more often, but it feel overwhelming.


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  • Are you sure about your feelings for him?

    • Yes, I feel a strong emotional connection with him and when we go on dates I am able to be myself and talk with him for hours. Its just I have a habit of running away from people and not wanting to be with them after a while.

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  • You probably need to open up to someone about your feelings. It may help if you talk to a professional about your experiences.