How normal is it for a guy to want you to have dinner with his family when you've only been dating a really short time. ?

Like you've literally only been on 2 dates and he already wants you to meet his family and go out to dinner with them.

Keep in mind
1- I really like him and have feels for him.
2.- I'd say this could be a "love at first sight thing". From the moment we met there was just a bizarre connection and it felt like we've always known each other and been together.
3- He isn't a clingy guy at all and doesn't come across as desperate in any way. If anything I can't believe this is already happening


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  • I think it just depends on how close he is with his family, because a lot of people wait it out, and bring a special girl to their family who they see a future with-- but you did mention its been a really short time and maybe he just feels comfortable with you and wants to get the introduction over with? He could just really be a family guy and feel that its the best opportunity to have you over. However I personally would feel kind of intimidated just because if it didn't work I would feel bummed out that I met the family, as soon as you meet the family and (fortunately) if you like them, they will become kind of your family too, so it's tough in a relationship if it ends sour.


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  • That seems to be very quick in my view

    • Do you think it is safe to say he has feelings for me? Last night he told me via texting that this is the first time he can talk to a girl about what is important to him and that he feels really special about that.

    • I suppose it can happen but it seems awful fast to me - You may have a connection but get to know each other first before talking about big things like love

  • Imagine that, a guy who is welcoming, serious and would love his parents to meet you. Sounds like a real prick eh?

    • Where did I say he's a prick?

      I'm absolutely smitten with him and we're going strong.. assumptions much?

    • So why are you complaining then?

    • Who said I was complaining?

      I was asking how normal and common it is. When can't people read -.-

  • That means he wants u for the longer term (perhaps marriage) and he wants to take his parents' approval and blessings.


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  • That seems really soon to me, personally. I think the families should be introduced only after the relationship is actually "official." Because then, you're actually calling each other "boyfriend/girlfriend" so it makes more sense to meet each others' families at that stage. If you've only been on two dates, I would hate to meet the family and then decide not to pursue an actual relationship with this person.

    I know you said you have a strong connection which is great, but I would still want to be a bit more cautious before taking that next big step of meeting his family.

  • He just trying to get laid quicker

    • Usually when guys only want to get laid they do the opposite. This guy is actually taking the time to get to know me, doesn't make things sexual ever and wants me to meet his loved ones. I'm not sure how that means he wants to get laid.

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    • Whatever bye

    • Stop being rude maybe you will keep a man one day