I feel lonely? really lonely?

I feel really lonely, im 23 and stuck. I dont have my degree yet and I live with my mother, I can't find a side job and its getting tiring to find a job. I want to make money and enjoy life. I am 23 and they say im absolutely breathtakingly beautiful, but I never had a boyfriend simple because I lived in a controlled enviremont. I feel like I will never have a guy because if I do I will be old and or look old and I never had a boyfriend... people say I should trust God and that he has someone for me but I feel like my beauty my fade with time and I won't find that special one. Am I being rational?


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  • i'm worse off than you... so don't fret.

    God and rational don't mix well. Believe in yourself.


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  • I don't know about God, but definitely things do change in life. Your situation will eventually change, just don't give up: keep searching for a job, you'll get one; keep studying, you'll get your degree. You'll see that in time you'll be able to live your life as you please. Youth lasts a long time, unlike what sociaty tends to make us believe. Don't worry about that now, you're very young and you have a whole life ahead to live. At your own pace :)