What is her reasoning in telling me this? Trying to make me jealous?

So there's this girl who lives across the hall from me in college. We have become decent friends over the past few months but there has been a sexual tension between us. I have started to develop feelings for her and I think that she has maybe done the same with me. She seems to have gotten attached (she comes over like 5-10 times a day to hang out, and doesn't stay long if I am not there) but I am not sure in what way. Anyway, the other night she was over and it was really flirty and everything. Then, when she was laughing, she told me "I am not laughing at anything you did, just something Kyle said at dinner" (Kyle (a guy) is the roommate of one of her friends). Then she gave me a long stare with a small grin. I am kinda confused why she would say something like that to me? Is she trying to give me a hint? Why would she be so flirty with me and then say that? Thanks!!


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  • It might mean nothing. It could just have been an innocent comment that she didn't intend to have any hidden meaning behind it. But she does seem interested in you from what I gather. One thing I know some women will do it name drop other men in front of the guy they like in order to show that they hang around other guys and other guys want to be around them. It's a way to seem less like they are desperate and more like they are desirable. Kinda weird but it can be effective. So yeah, she might be, but it also might be nothing. I wouldn't dwell too much on it. I hope this helped :)

    • Thanks so much for the insight!

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  • "I'm am not laughing at anything you did, just something Kyle said at dinner." From this, I assume Kyle jokingly mentioned you to her. Perhaps he jokingly analyzed the situation between you and her, et cetera. And, while with you, it was on her mind, which caused her to laugh.

    But, who knows.

    Nonetheless, considering her actions in totality, she seems very much into you. Thus, I simply suggest you don't much stock into her comment about Kyle and focus on closing the deal.

    Close the deal!

    • Thanks so much for your opinion! One problem with your answer is that I don't know Kyle, so I don't think he would make a comment about me to her. Does this change your response at all?

    • It does not. You may not know Kyle, and vice versa, but that doesn't mean he isn't aware of you and her frequent visits to yours. In other words, If she's visiting you five to ten times daily, she's speaks about you. And as they say, words travel.

      Then again, she may have referenced Kyle's comment in an effort to cause you to have a sense of urgency to take the initiative of closing the deal.


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  • 5-10 times a day... who has that time lol. I don't think so I mean no one would really date their roommate or pretend they are..

    • What do you mean exactly?

    • you said that she said something about kyle saying something, she could've just been laughing at something she said letting you know why she's laughing because maybe you would've asked why.

    • Kyle is a guy (one of her friends roommates). And I didn't I ask why, she just brought it up.

  • She might have wanted to see if you would get jealous


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  • You should follow that up (its too late now of course, but next time) with, "well what's she say?" If it's something slightly sexual about you, then she wants you.