Does a dating site with a rating system really exist?


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  • I have no idea but there seems to be a lot around so I'm sure one will somewhere and if not then u can make one :-)


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  • Not sure, but it sounds like something people would invent.

    • Like not to be mean or anything but you know how Okcupid kind of comes up with a values and what's important to you profile. If the guy advertises that he is looking for something serious but is only looking for sex and consistently get rated as such it would show up as a discrepancy between what his okcupid personality profile says as answered by him as compared to as answered by others. Same for a girl who claims to be easygoing but is actually blotchy. If one person says you're bitch it won't matter much as the answers would be weighted.

      If anything I think it is more of a helpful tool for men and women who keep running into the same issues with different women and they don't see themselves as part of the problem.

      I mean sometimes something like consistently being a few minutes late is generally annoying to everyone and solo easy to fix.

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    • I mean I rarely go on dates that aren't at least enjoyable and carry on for a few more dates. But some guys get so frustrated going on date after date and never hitting it off with anyone.

      If it is something as simple as he's going on too many dates and walks into them now with a bad attitude that is apparent from the get go it would help for him to know all five of the last women he went on a date with said the same thing.
      Something like he showed up 5 minutes late, in flip flops after I spent an hour getting ready and looked like he didn't want to be there.

      I have a couple of guy friends like this. After they get out of another short term relationship, they begrudgingly go on date with women they asked out and then when I ask them at lunch where he's taking whoever tonight I immediately see this look of indifference and apathy roll over him. I know he shows up like that and sometimes turns it around but still.

    • Thank you =)


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  • Generated


  • I think I've come across one before

  • There should be yes.


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  • Some peoples egos would either go through the roof or the floor...

    • I dated a guy (for a while) once and his bestfriend who was married made a joke about dating sites being rated and the guy I was dating freaked out and was like oh god no. What does that say about him? 😕

      Anyways it was an episode of Always Sunny so made me laugh.

    • I effing love that show! Maybe your guy feels down about his looks. Maybe the dude was insecure. Poor guy.

    • 😂 couldn't be further from the truth. He is just a bit of a selfish jerk from the stories he told me of past two month relationships. He doesn't mean to be that way he just feels entitled.

      He did go out of his way to try and treat me well and he did most the time but just wasn't ready for a real long term thing. Women get frustrated with him because he knows what he wants which is a real relationship but not how to have one.

      I hope and honestly do think that when he meets the person he is looking for he will just automatically want to spend all his time with her and make her smile. He just doesn't filter out enough women quick enough.