I am damaged beyond repair?

I am 23 almost 24. I am damaged beyond repair. My childhood, I grew up extremely sheltered, our mother didn't invest in us (later to found out she suffered from severe depression and out of bitternes didn't let us expose life). As an adult as soon as I turned 18 I didn't know what to do with life so I hid from it. At 21 I went back to school and didn't know any balance, I studied only and worked 3 jobs to avoid a social life cause I didn't know how to be social. I am a very closed person and I still live at home because I literally have no idea how my life will end, I dont think I will live a long life, I can't handle it. I also suffered from a back condition when I was a teen for several years, I had to go through a very rough treatment, that sheltered me more and eventually I became depressed. I barely still have a social life and when I try to build one I simply push people away. I never had a boyfriend, my first kiss was when I was 22, the guy dumped me and left me more unwanted. How can I not lose hope and continue life?


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  • You're 23 stfu. Damaged beyond repair. Got your whole life ahead of you. Just starting lol

    • I feel like I would be wrinkly and old before it even started

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  • Sometimes "balance" is long-term. You do everything for a while, then nothing for a while.
    Days and especially weeks are pretty arbitrary ways to govern "balance"; that doesn't work for everyone.

    You just gotta try different shit, basically. Throw a bunch of stuff at the proverbial wall, and see what sticks.

    You are not in denial, so you have accomplished step 1. And that's a big, big step indeed. Some people go their whole lives in denial.

    At this point, just treat your life as a gigantic science experiment. Tweak some variable (s), observe results, repeat.

    Ya got nowhere to go but up, right?


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  • You pick yourself up and move on, and instead of avoiding life, you live it.

  • you had it rough but you are mendable take baby steps and try befriend some people you are young