Do guys like being protective of their girlfriend?

Do they actually enjoy being protective or they're doing it to be polite?
Eg we were at the movies and there was air con and he gave me his jacket, and we were in the city walking along a really crowded street and he would pull me gently so I could walk in front of him rather than behind so I don't know what that means :/
this is a bit embarrassing hehe but when we cross the road if it's super busy he would hold my hand like I'm a kid.
So do guys do it to be manly and polite or they like being protective?


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  • Yes, I love extending a protective shield around my woman, both because it makes me feel more masculine and usesful and because it makes her feel cared for and protected. I don't lift weights and eat to get big just so I can admire myself in the mirror. Girls love guys who possess size and muscle precisely because it makes them so capable of protecting them. My girlfriend even told me that she feels like my muscle is her muscle because she feels so protected by me.


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  • I used to be really protective about my exes and pamper them a lot, back in those days. I never considered that as just 'polite', though.

  • Guys can do it for a variety of reasons, but personally for me, I do it because my partner's well-being is my priority above all else.

    Lol, for me its nothing to do with being manly, polite or being protective.

  • I look after the people I care about regardless of whether they're men or women. When I love people, I'd do anything to make sure their hearts keep beating.

    I don't love often but when I do it's strong.


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