Guys, If guys are chivalrous what are girls supposed to be?

I am really getting agitated with the fact that every time I open a door for a lady (that isn't my girlfriend) or do some chivarlous act like offer my coat or stand on the side of the sidewalk closest to the road I get called a chauvanist ass and if I don't I am a rude non-gentlemen? Why? I treat my girlfriend with respect (and this has nothing to do with my amazing girlfriend, just my curiosity), and am the most chivarlous, gentlemanly guy I can be because she deserves it and is the most special girl I have ever met. But it made me think for other guys who don't have an amazing girl like me, why do guys have to be chivalrous if they don't get anything in return? Is there something girls do that is simlar to this chivalry and work? Like chivalry but for women? And those pigs who are doing all this just to get in some girls pants, they disgust me. But for those who do genuinely respect women and practice chivarly, what is in it for them? Like is there some set of rules girls should follow and how to treat a man?

I hope I am making sense and not sounding like a crazy person. Thank you for your time!


Basically, I am sure it isn't a one way street. Because relationships must be equal (50/50) or else no one will enjoy and benefit from the relationship and it will be the equivalent of a parasitic relationship. Thanks!


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  • I guess it's just the pure satisfaction of putting a smile on someone's face. You may then ask why only do it towards women then?
    Because it's not just that and even though they're absolutely certain nothing will come out of that act, it still feels like you're having a close moment with the opposite gender, which most of the times is a good thing.

    @ being called a chauvanist, it's exactly for the question that you're asking, other people just don't see the point in it, or what's in it for you unless you're trying to get something out of it.

    @ lady version of chivalry? I dunno, don't think it exists other than being polite and smile when you act chivalrous...

    Myself: I for instance will give way for people walking beside me regardless of gender. But if like we're walking and I'm clearly ahead, I won't go out of my way, cause I think it just looks stupid.
    Plus I'm quite shy, so I do think about what others will think if I do this or that.. I don't like to be the focus of attention, and I think if I were a girl, I'd be upset by those acts, cause you never know their true intentions, and they expect a reaction from you. Clearly I'm wrong, and most girls actually love it.

    I'd never open a car door for anyone that you're not intetested in romantically (like going round a car on purpose), personally I think it looks ridiculous to do it for anyone.
    Even for your SO, I only believe in doing those acts not alk the time, so that they don't expect it from you, just at random. I think it makes it more special.

    I also think it's a bit pathetic to do it to every woman. If everyone is special: no one really is, and to me, you just look like an idiot trying to put a show.

    Yep, that sums up ny thoughts, hope it didn't get confusing and that I didn't contradict myself.


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  • in my opinion men should act like gentlemen, women should act like ladies.

  • A woman in the streets and a whore in the sheets! *LOL*

  • Lady-like and gracious.

  • excellent question. How do I vote your question up?