Girls, what goes through your mind when your boyfriend likes or shares a page or pictures on fb or other social media of beautiful women?

and guys, why do you do this? My boyfriend does like pictures and videos of this nature. Doesn't he know that I can see what he likes on fb? I mean I guess I shouldn't be worried because the videos he is liking is of beuatiful girls with big butts shaking them. and he is a butt guy. so it's his nature to like those things. But can'r he like them without hitting the like button? My heart started pumping so fast when I saw it was him who liked the video and the page. so now he gets booty updates. I just felt really sad. I can'y help it.


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  • I would say its wrong of him. I'll explain... is he gonna find other women attractive yes of course he is! But the way I see it is don't consume yourself with it when your committed to someone. Moving by lust increase their chances of being unfaithful cuz that's what's there putting their mind too and just plain out disrespectful I think


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  • What goes through my mind... sadness and betrayal. I know its not actual betrayal, however, it kinda feels like it, and it would make me feel very sad, especially if It's full of girls prettier than me. It would make me think "Why does he want to date me then?" . And so, ask him why he likes me to see if he actually cares for me, or if it's shallow or not.


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