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I've been liking this girl for quite sometime now. At first she was pretty shy around me, but can be rather crazy around her friends. We don't really talk much in person as I believe she is rather shy. She is normal towards other male friends and female friends. The thing is, she chats with me a lot online. Recently, she's been starting to talk to me more in person, but we still talk more online. I don't know if I can move on to the next step and how. And If there is a chance of her being interested?


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  • I think maybe you should ask her out someplace where the two of you won't be sitting too awkwardly close to each other in a crowded, dark room, with loud music and screaming people on a huge screen ahead of you, like you would in the movies. You will never know if she's interested in you, if you did that. How are the both of you supposed to talk? That's forbidden in a place like that :) Take her out for coffee or for a small meal. Ask her if she'd like to grab a bite to eat. And ask her in person. You can't see anyone's facial expresion online. You'll be able to tell by her body language whether she's saying yes to be nice, or if she really wants to go out :)

  • I was just like this with my current boyfriend at first for a week. I was all outgoing and fun but then I got so nervous I acted completely different but everytime I saw him get online I smiled and got butterflies. If you really like her then you should maybe throw some hints or ask her to go see a movie and see how she acts on the date. I'm not going to lie though with my boyfriend after he asked me out, it took me a long time to kiss him. It was really strange becaese I'm extremely outgoing, but now it couldn't be any more perfect. So it's all on you and if you want to take the time to get her to be herself.


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