I've never been on a date with a shy girl before, what should I expect from dating a shy girl?

This is the first time for me going on a date with a shy girl, I know for a fact they are either nervous or doesn't really have a high self esteem. I am a confident guy myself and only dated confident girls. I don't have any experience on dating shy girls. I mean I will do my best to listen and let her talk too I just don't know what to expect from dating a shy girl. Any Tips?


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  • Im a shy girl. But Im not the kind that you have to constantly tell is pretty. Im not that insecure. I'm shy when it comes to parties or being in big crowds of people. Like I love to dance, but if you take me out dancing at a club or something I'll be too shy to dance. I'd probably just lean against the wall or sit at the bar

  • Uh, this is going to sound like I'm #hating but this is just the truth in my opinion since I was a severely shy girl: You have to do ALL OF THE WORK in getting to know her and initiating.


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