Do I approach a guy that s well more good looking than me?

ok, ok before you start with beauty is in the eys of the beholder just listen out a bit.
money and looks are pretty intimidating and I know he surpasses me in both :P
I ve seen him in parties like around 2 times already or so.
I do the first step if I see the guy is responding or so but with him I am clueless?
So I stare at him and I see him looking at me too but I don't know if he is looking at me simply wondering why this creep is eyeballing me xD
I noticed he does't really dance and stay on his table and he is always surrounded with girls like aghh... which makes it harder for me to approach.
conclusion: he is not into me or else he would have made the first move?


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  • Just go talk to him. He is probably just shy or introverted. Making the first move takes a lot of energy and effort for some people. Maybe he was interested but just wasn't in the mood to put it out there by risking rejection and introducing himself. Guys constantly assess risk like this. Sometimes we're comfortable being out, but don't really want to play "the game".


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  • Do it if you want to, you never know unless you try.
    Just make the first move and you will find out.

    My crush is into me but he has yet to make the first move so on Monday I am going to do it myself. I know he likes me, he wants to ask me out but doesn't know how. So I am going to 'make the first move'.

    Just do it, or you may regret losing the opportunity you had.


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  • simple: if he looks at you, he's interested. if he doesn't dance, then it's likely he won't approach you either. (traits of shy people)

    if you need a confidence boost to getcha over there to say hello watch the ted talk video by amy cuddy. she'll show you how to gain the needed confidence in 2 minutes.

    on a sidenote: a guy would never eyeball a girl w/ the intention of kicking her ass or disgust. when people want to stare at somebody it's a natural reaction to attraction. you'll realize this when you refrain from looking at someone you want to. it takes mental effort.

  • If you like him I'd say: try to get in touch... maybe the looks and money thing will in the end not play a role at all :D
    I must say, knowing myself, that as a rather shy person I would probably not dare to make the first move except smile back when you smile... so I would like it if the girl would approach me!
    And to me, being rich or poor would not play a big role, and the looks of the girl a limited one. The characters must click, that's so much more important :D

    • I think he s shy cause he always stays next to his table and doesn t dance much.
      I mentioned money cause it is a bit intimidating too :P

    • My experience with shy people is: once you've managed to get in touch you get rewarded for your efforts... they're often the sweetest people around :D

  • He's always surrounded by girls, which means you'll be one of those girls. I don't know why you'd bother.

  • Considering the state of mind that guy is in... he has no need to come up to a random girl especially when the party is kinda around him. he's used to being the 'man' at the parties so he's going to behave that way too.

    Your going to have to approach him probably if you really want to because if you dont, he will simply have a girl to go home with either way

  • Maybe he is surrounded by girls to make you more curious about hin and go ask him.
    And you're beautiful Sara 😉

  • what do you have to lose?

  • if you think you like that hot guy go an approach him. nothing would go wrong, but how about super awesome guy who will approach you, will make out with you, but he is not hot. would you still check that hot guy out while you make out with him?

    • if he turns me on then I ll forget about the other.
      but I always want what I can t or didn t get it s a ego thing

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    • wow, this is encouraging for guys to approach girls like you ;)

    • I am not a hottie man stop saying that :P
      sure guys can approach me!

  • Hey, you're a girl. All you need to do is hang out and flutter your eyelashes occasionally. Let him do the work.

  • 'I'm ugly, how do I get a hot guy to fuck me?'

    Pro tip: you don't. Hot guys choose hot women.

    • eh sry but I am hot too :P
      the girls around him weren't better looking than I am lo

    • If you're hot, he'll probably fuck you, but don't expect a commitment.

    • I am not expecting anthng jeez relax :P

  • I was told by my ex that it's a basic rule that a woman never marries a man that's better looking than she is. She knows about those things. She married me and I'm better looking and I was a hopeless philanderer. Just be careful For the record, I don't cheat on my second wife.


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  • EW! Move on apple sweety... u can't!

    • Ugh guys like that make me sick! Just date me! If it doesn't work out we can be best friends k! hahah But serious... EW! I hate guys like that! I want my guy to like me! Yes I know i am not the only girl but I don't need him to be flirt with every sally down the block!

    • Stay fresHH!

    • alright apple <3