Am I the third wheel now?

So my friend and I had decided to go to the muse concert in April with another friend. He bought tickets for himself, me, and our other friend. I paid him back for my ticket already, which was expensive. I find out the other day that the other friend can't go. So the guy that bought the tickets tells me that he is going to give it to this girl he's been hanging out with a lot for her birthday. They aren't officially dating, but hang out a lot and talk on Facebook a lot and stuff. So now it's them two and me going. I think it might be kinda awkward now. I want to see Muse and I already paid a lot, but I feel like I'd be sorta in the way, especially since they aren't really together yet, and this seems like something they should got to just them together.


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  • Has your friend had sex with this girl? If not, you have to make up for screwing your friend. You didn't stop him from giving a girl, whom he doesn't know carnally, an expensive concert ticket. It's your duty to get your friend laid on the night of the concert. If this is the case, you need to be a better friend and stop thinking about yourself.

    If your friend has already had sex with the girl, you have the right to rip him everyday up to but not including the day of the concert. Technically, half of the other ticket belongs to you, until the ticket is sold. He should be trying to get his money back for the ticket. If he's stuck with the ticket on concert day, the ticket should be scalped for beer money. He and his girl are required to fork up all beer money the day of the concert.

    If girl was the buying the ticket from your friend, you'd be stuck being the third wheel, but you're not allowed to complain. However, you're not obligated to go out of your way to get him laid.

    • I didn't screw anything up. When I agreed to go it was me and the two friends, but he changed the plans and invited the girl.


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  • I wouldn't go. I hate being the third wheel. Especially if you're not a huge fan of muse. Ask for your money back, and if he refuses then you should get another friend to buy your ticket from you. I absolutely think that if he invites someone you're not really comfortable with, you shouldn't HAVE to go. Seriously, talk to your friend about it and maybe he'll reconsider. Best of luck to you.


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  • how much do you like muse? if I had this chance even if I was the 3rd wheel 100% id do it as I really like muse also are you freinds with the girl as if you are then from past experiences you all should have fun also you wouldn't be in the way don't worry about that there is hundreds others there that will probably be more in the way then u

    • I've never met the girl. And I do like Muse but not a lot. My friend however loves them, and that was part of the reason I agreed to go.