I haven't heard back from this girl I went on a date with. Delete her from FB?

So this girl added me to FB after hearing about me through a friend. She said she was really keen to meet me and used to text me. We went on a date.. she asked me a lot of questions.. I paid for the meal.. we had a quick hug at the end, and went off. No kiss.
I got the feeling that she wasn't into me if there was no proper hug or kiss so I didn't bother texting her. She didn't text either. From my experience, if a girl thinks she had a great time, she will text a guy after the date.
It's been 2 days. Rather than keeping her hanging, I'm thinking of just deleting her from FB so she get's the message.
Sounds fair?


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  • Maybe she's waiting for you to text her, but then again, you said the date didn't really go that well since there was no proper hug and/or kisses

  • How about asking her directly in simple English " Is this working?" than asking strangers to about "fb" ?

  • At least text her once. If she doesn't text back, delete her.