How do you know if you are dating someone that isn't good enough for you?

I have been casually talking with this girl recently, and I kind of like her, but some of my buddies are saying that I am way better then her and that I should find a better girl. I dont really know how to feel about it because I am told that I am a good looking guy with a lot of personality traits girls consider attractive, but I am also super shy and self conscious which basically negates those positives in the dating world since girls hate guys like that. I think this particular girl is attractive, and smart, and funny, and really sweet, but I can't decipher whether or not I just lowered my standards because this girl actually showed interest in me (at this point I am so desperate that I'll figure out a way to like just about any girl that approaches me). My friends tell me she isn't very good looking, and tell me that I could get a way better girl but I continue to like this girl because I am not sure how much better I can do without having to initiate. I am so inept at relationship related things that girls will just laugh at me as I make a fool of myself asking them out, but I still wonder whether its all in my head and this girl really isn't that great, or if my friends (who are great guys) are just lying for some reason. How do I know when a girl is good enough for me?


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  • It depends on if you like her or not. Do you find her attractive can you picture yourself kissing her? Does picturing her naked turn you on?
    I get how you feel about what your friends said. I'll be lying if I say my friend's input don't mean anything to me. Sucks to hear they feel that way but know hey can say whatever they want. If she makes you happy and you want more with her then it's none of their business. Looks are just physical, if you have a great time with her and enjoy her company then it doesn't matter in the long run.


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  • Dude, If you like her, Then clearly she is ''god enough for you''.

    Just because your buddies think overwise, That dosen't mean a fuck, Chances are they are probably just saying that in jealousy.


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  • If you feel like you're dating 'below' or 'too far above' your standards, that's how you know.
    Tell your friends to keep their opinions to themselves and focus on their own relationships or personal lives.

    No one knows better than yourselves, and nobody should try to tell you otherwise seeing as how doing so is just saying that this girl is below THEIR standards, not yours.
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right?

  • Looks don't really matter in relationships.

    And plus, the way you say all these things is like you haven't really figured out a type for yourself or haven't dated enough girls to find out of the 'type' you set for yourself is true applied to real life.
    Talk to her more and if you really do like her and she does like you, make your friends shut up lol

  • Wow this is NOT about your friends. What do YOU think? How do YOU feel? That's all that matters.

  • You know when a girl is good enough for you when you decide that she is. Her being "good enough" shouldn't be anyone's decision but yours. If your friends are really your friends they want to see you happy. If this girl makes you happy, stay with her. If she doesn't, leave.


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