Would this seem desperate, please vote?

There's this girl I use to work with and we qould flirt every now and then and I really like her and think she likes me but I never asked her out cuz I'm shy and now she quit. So I sent her a follow request on instagram, my only social media, but she hasn't acceptedit or rejected it. Also I don't actually show my face on my instagram and only put my first name on thwre not my last. So I was thinking of saying something like "hey what's up. It hasn't been too long since we saw each otherbut how have you been/you didn't forget my already did you?". Honestly I like this girl so much I'd be willing to take the chance of looking creepy

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  • Ughhh I don't know what you should BC it sounds desperate if she doesn't like you back but if she does like you back then who cares... The fact that she quit and didn't bother to talk to you after kinda points to her not liking you back.. I don't know I wouldn't but at the same YOLO plus you will never have to see her again if she rejects you haha. Might as well just do it.

    • You have a point with the whole never going tonsee her again so might as well. Thank you

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  • No, it's not desperate, go for it man ;)

    • Thanks for MHO :)

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