Should I ask her again?

I have know this girl for a long time but we haven't talked much since high school. We went out for coffee a couple weeks ago and we had a great time. I asked her out on a date the other day and this is what she "Um, to be honest I don't really see you in that way and I have no interest in getting into any sort of dating/relationship type thing right now as school is my priority. I'm sorry. ". Should I ask her out again if so how long should I wait?


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  • dont ask her out again, you should forget her.. if you really can't you can try being her friend first. if you keep asking you might seem hopeless and desperate. So just hang out as friends, make her laugh and make her fall for you without her knowing its happening. You might end up in the friendzone tho.

  • She said she didn't see you in that way, so I don't think you should ask her again.


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