Why didn't he tell me had a gf?

he has a girlfriend and he kept letting me text him and even asked why I dont give him my 'pussy', I told him no and he refuses to block or delete me and even has his name in his status so i won't forget him... what is he trying to do? ig he wasn't really interested why not say so?


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  • Wait what. He probably was interested. He just is a cheater. The question I have is how did you not realize he had a girlfriend if it's in his status


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  • He didn't tell you he has a girlfriend because he does not respect women. He doesn't respect or honor the woman he's supposed to be loyal to. Nor does he respect or give a damn about you and your feelings. Otherwise, he wouldn't so eagerly put you in a position where you can be called a homewrecking whore. He most likely refuses to delete or block you because it's like a fun game for him where he gets to feed his ego. Some guys aren't going to be clear about their intentions because romance is like a chess game and they enjoy all of the reactions and suspense of it all.

    The best thing to do when you meet a guy who makes it clear that he does not respect women, cannot be taken seriously, and plays mind games is to back the heck away from that mess. Men who are a mess like that will do nothing but make a mess of you and your life.