Girls, name your dream boyfriend?


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  • my superficial preferences :

    tall (I'm 5'7 and I really like guys to be at least 6'2)

    I like skinny guys with just a little bit of muscle

    no preference in hair or eye colour, but please no bright colours like platinum blonde or red or god forbid blue or pink :D.

    I like longer hair, below ear length is nice


    have hope in the beauty of life (Wow this sounds something only a girl would say.. sorry) Basically, be an optimist. when something bad happens, try to think: what lesson did this teach me? and how can I use this to my advantage or avoid it the next time I'm faced with this. This kind of thinking shows ambition and demonstrates potential. Those are more important than having all the money in the world. Honestly, money isn't even on my list, attitude to life is way more important.

    confident, but not in a fake way. I like when a guy is effortlessly sure of himself but not stuck up at the same time.

    be able to get along with people in general. I want my friends and family to like him.

    have things in common with me (obviously! this is something you can't force or change, when you click with someone, it just works. in this case most other criteria flies out of the window to be honest- similar taste in music and similar humour are the best things to connect two people.)

    obviously loyalty is a plus and is important

    be polite (especially to those who are less fortunate or lower in social status than him. Being rude to waiters or staff who work to provide you with service is the biggest turn off for example)

    this is a rare one to come across, but someone who is genuinely humble. Like they have things to be proud of, but they don't show off or try to use that to their advantage.


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