If someone flaked on you twice, but kept trying to passively get your attention, would you ignore them?

Say a person was flakey, wishy-washy, with you about going on a date despite giving you all the signs they're interested, telling you they're interested, as well as inviting you on a date (again still flaked out on it) then after you ignored them they tried to get your attention... would you still ignore them or would you give them the time of day?


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  • She's "saving" you. You are the backup plan. Do not be the backup plan. Don't just ignore her (this assumes you are using this ploy in a way to make her desire you more). Just remove her from the dating option pool and move on. If you are her backup plan, then even if you drove her crazy, she will only work to get your interest in order to put you right back where she thinks you belong. In the back seat waiting for her to not have anything better to do and shore her up emotionally/mentally when she's feeling insecure. Trust me man. Move on.

  • Continue to ignore them