Girls, Does a guy being a virgin make u less or more wanting him. Or does it even matter?


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  • It doesn't matter, if I'm attracted to you then I'm attracted to you! Telling me your a virgin before or after we do "the nasty" honestly makes it more special but guys normally don't say that, they take that to grave


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  • Doesn't matter. I'm a virgin too. I'm waiting to have sex with someone I trust and am comfortable with, and that hasn't happened yet.

    I think it matters most when it comes down to waiting until marriage. Most people who are waiting til marriage want a virgin who is also waiting til marriage. And then anyone who isn't waiting is okay with a virgin, but wouldn't want someone who is waiting. Like I said, I'm waiting for trust and I'm okay with taking things slow, but I'm not sure if I want to get married so I wouldn't be able to be with a virgin who is waiting til marriage.

    • I got confused

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    • I actually cannot wait but if a girl really wants me to wait then I will so I can go either way

    • Okay, then you're fine!