Should I stop looking for a girlfriend if girls keep on rejecting me?

I've lost count on how many times i've been rejected so i'm thinking of throwing in the towel.


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  • Nope. You gotta keep on trying. Your perfect girl is waiting for you to get to her❤️

    • It's discouraging when I keep getting turned down. So I don't know if i can.

    • @SarahsSummer.

      Yes, you're right, that's a good attitude but not every guy is that strong and won't you agree that rejection is a bitter pill to swallow?

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  • Maybe you have been approaching the wrong kind of girls. Try online dating, or see if you friends can set you up on a few dates.

    • I don't trust online dating. I don't know if my friends can find anyone for me. I'm weird.


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  • Let tell you something my friend, (true story) right now I'm single I have never dated anybody been single may whole life. So if I'm not giving up in finding neither should you.

  • Hey some girls turn lesbian if something drastic happens with members of the opposite sex. Friend of mine had 2 women who turned gay after they dated and broke up.. I was like what you do to them? He said nothing, just going along like a couple would broke up then in a few months then you hear or see that they are in a relationship with a woman and given up on men? Its a shame real pretty girls too, you would never think would be