How to know he's inconsistent & a player?

How to know that a guy is inconsistent & how to know if he's a player? Do players sometimes have low self esteem?


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  • I have to admit, sometimes when I'm laying between two hotties, totally exhausted after an all night session, I question if I'm truly happy knowing they will both want more when they wake up. Is this all I am? Just a pleasure machine being constantly hit on? Isn't there more to life than just giving hot women orgasm after orgasm? Am I growing as person when I have two girls blowing me at once?


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  • Not usually. Players are normally guys who know that they can get more than one woman. They throw off a lot of charm and know all of the right things to say. They know how to make a girl feel special when they're with them. It's when they're not around that you have to worry about what they're doing... Sorry to be so honest. :(

    • I appreciate your honesty.. Well its just that the guy i got to know is kinda insceure about himself or it also could be all fake but I can't imagine that he'd fake this low self esteem since he also has some sort of posts on facebook reflecting this

    • It doesn't sound like he's a player. I could show you a player's facebook page but, it would mostly be filled with too many profile photos and over 300 female friends. All very pretty. Not by coincidence. :P