I stayed from school today because I'm really sick. All my friends called and asked if I was okay or where I was, but my boyfriend didn't?

Okay so I've had a little cold for awile now, but yesterday in the middle of the day at school I lost my voice thanks to my sore throat. My boyfriend knew about and took advantage by making me mad and teasing me a lot. Anyways thats not the point. Today I couldn't go to school cause my voice is GONE. And I feel like shit. Early in the morning the first call I got was from one of my friends she asked where I was. And when she found I was sick she told me to get better. I got texts too. BUT none of them are from my boyfriend. Did he not even notice that I'm gone? Or he just doesn't care?


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  • He probably just put 2 and 2 together and figured that since you had a sore throat and lost your voice yesterday, that you were simply home sick. I understand that a get well soon text would have been nice. But guys your age tend to be dumb.