Am I bad at conversations or its the language barrier?

Am I bad at conversations or its the language barrier?

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  • for someone like me neither are the issue, your conversations have a flow and the language barrier for me isn't bad; however i am used to reading translated English and I can read even the most broken English you'll ever see in your entire life since I've talked to a lot of people and have a strong command of the English language. for other people there could be some issues since your English is broken , but not by much. overall I vote no since although your English is slightly broken it isn't to the point where there are major issues. I don't understand how any native English speaker would be unable to read your English. keep up the great work , i don't know what your native language was but your English is going along extremely well


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  • All I saw was the joker in the background and blanked out

  • I voted no.
    And by the way I have a Sony Xperia too
    Which one do you have?


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