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Why do people text at 3 in the morning?

my friend texted me at 3:52 whats up

its like oh nothing you know just sleeping how bout you

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  • @stella, Unless its an emergency I personally don't think there is ANY reason to call or text someone at 3am.

    I know Id be a bit irritated myself, but like kid said, turn it off and no worries.

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  • why don't you ask your friend?

    my phone is on vibrate at night. it's ridiculous to wake someone up that early

  • is this a male friend or a female friend?

    If it's a male friend perhaps he might have been super bored and decided you were worth waking up to contact. Sometimes texts don't mean anything though. It all depends on your relationship with this person.

  • I think its stupid I had a guy who always texts me early in the morning like that. I was like what the hell go to sleep already.

  • Is your friend a guy? Maybe he's drunk?

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