Girls, Fighting to Impress women?

I have a date with a new girl tomorrow. I was thinking of picking a fight at the bar we are going to meet at to impress her. I am awesome at Karate so I should really be able to kick a dudes ass.

would you sleep with a guy on the first date if he kicked another dude's ass at the bar?


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  • Nope.

    Wouldn't bail you out of jail, either. Post that bond or wait til yr arraignment. LOL

    • That' seriously screwed up. I buy you 2 pbr's at put a serious hurting on a dude and you wouldn't be jumping my bones that night. Girl you know it's true

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    • Girl you know I am the man

    • She was really impressed. Mi beat up two guys last night. The second guy tried to help his buddy


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  • I would literally walk out and never speak to him again.

    What a ghastly display of juvenile immaturity and idiocy.

    Give that display a chance to reproduce? No thank you.

    • Huh? Like what are you saying? Like chicks love fights, right

    • Last night I beat two dudes up and she really liked it. She said it was really sexy

    • Oh good, the caveman found a cavewoman.

  • I would be more likely to run away and never contact someone again if he picked a fight at a bar. I don't find that impressive - just unsettling.

    • Would it be a better move to whip it out and show her my stuff?

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    • I was choking on some food earlier today, so I came back to your picture to help me throw up. Thanks for that

    • Yeah, I'm sure that the model in the J. Crew ad just cries herself to sleep every night.

  • No I would think you were an ass

    • Wtf... What if I did some cool Spin kicks, and like broke his jaw or nose? Then you'd be impressed, right? Like speed home for hot sexy time, right?

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    • Lol ok man πŸ˜‚

    • He loses that one. He gets hog tied

  • You better be trolling. How being childish is ever attractive? Just tell her you are at karate and show her some moves if she asked. No need to involve other people.