The guy im dating has bad hygiene, wtf do I do?

i haven't long since got out of a 2 year relationship. i met this guy and we hit it off straight away, in a weird way i guess, that i've not experienced before. so i took the bait, we've gone out a few times, i've met his friends, they're all lovely and so is he. then he comes to my house today and he's totally cool with just picking at his ass, smelling his fingers and not washing his hands. what am i supposed to do right now? is this a standard behaviour? i feel like running for the hills. i grew up with two older brothers and so i know guys can sometimes be a little bit overt about disgusting things but like, what the f? he tried to touch my lip like an hour after doing it and i grimaced obviously and pulled away, then he eat chocolate. with his hands. i just i dont even know anymore. the reason i mentioned that i just got out of a relationship is because i dont know if im just looking for an excuse not to get into a new one. but this is like the real deal, top level only-do-when-youre-married-and-the-cost-of-leaving-you-is-greater-than-your-expectation-of-hygiene shit.


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  • cheat on him with this guy:

    your boyfriend will ask why your ****** is squeaky clean

  • He picks his ass and smells it... deal breaker.

    • dude like in front of me. i could smell it

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    • haha, thank you very much

    • No problem. I only speak the truth.

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  • Run for the hills he is disgusting.