I'm 20 he's 17, is that wrong to be dating?

So me and my friend we met these Russian guys their like the best guys we've talk 2. and we really like them a lot we connect and click...So fast... but their 17 and were 20 I don't know if I should continue with how I feel about him cause dose the age really matter its only 2 years apart. And He's so mature for his age. And he has 2 jobs a car and is almost done with school. He is a guy I want to be with...I go to college and work...


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  • Alright Age doesn't matter, my girlfriend and I have been dateing for 8 months now. She is 20 and I turned 18 in december, at first she was a bit nervous about what everyone would think because I don't look like I'm 18, I look older. The point is if you like the person AGE is regardless. Trust me, maby at first people will say "What, your dateing a 17 year old?" but when they meet the person they will see how mature they are, and even see why you like them.

    dont let age be a problem... its just a number

    • Thanks you are rite!!!! o happy


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  • In matters of legality he's beyond the age of trouble in most states so you're free to due to your age gap being 2 years. Check your state laws.

  • it depends what state you live in. if you live in a state where the age of consent is over 17, then you could possibly go to jail for rape and be filed as a sex offender for the rest of your life. if 17 is legal where you live, then everything is ok. just check your state laws.


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