Guys, tell me if I'm just being paranoid and stupid, but I need major help! Please?

I went on a date on Sunday and we were texting that night and Monday too and we were texting the first 3 days before too when we had exchanged numbers on Thursday afternoon. Every thing seemed like it was gong really well but he didn't talk to me all day yesterday (I've never texted him first, it's always been him) do you think maybe he lost interest that fast or was waiting for me to text him? Also, my best friend is a guy and on my snapchat I always post pictures of what we do on my story but I have NOOOO interest in him at all and people always think we're dating and he made a couple comments about him on Monday but they didn't seem like he was jealous or anything he just seemed like he was happy for me that I was spending time with my best friend.. I don't know am I being stupid for thinking I did something wrong maybe?


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  • I wouldn't think much of it unless it's been more than a day. If it was your boyfriend then I would think otherwise.


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  • I don't think you did something wrong