Will I mess things up by saying something?

In a newer relationship and the last week or so, we haven't been talking as much as usual. Of course my natural girl tendency is to freak out that something is wrong. It's gone from texting all the time to barely at all. I know he has been working a ton and is exhausted but I'm afraid he's losing interest. I haven't mentioned the change because I don't want to seem clingy or desperate, but unfortunately that's how I feel. Is it ok to bring things up or will I freak him out/push him away? Any comments are appreciated but especially interested in guys' POV.


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  • As you stated he is working a lot and would be tired ( expected ) and it would actually be a red flag if you start questioning why things are now a bit slow. Rather than that show more interest in how his day at work went , and see where it goes to from there

  • Give him space. The relationship just started so you two are still in the honey moon phase. Meaning that he still likes you a lot and wants to talk. He asked you to be his girlfriend for a reason (unless he didn't and you just assumed).

    • But if it's new then shouldn't he like talking to me, instead of wanting space? (Not that he said he wanted space )

  • well do you two see each other in person more often now that you are together?

    • We live a little ways apart and both get busy with work, so we only see each other on weekends. That's why I rely on texting through the week.

    • well i tend to not text a girl as often when i date them, because it takes away from the conversations we have when we are together in person. or i think i can tell her when i see her next, unless its important. but thats what i tend to do.

    • I guess to me, I feel like it's our way of feeling close and connected.

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