Is she interested at me OR just want to hook up with me?

I've met this woman (30+, with kids, she's working here, a person from different state) yesterday after few days of talking on social apps. She called me on this mid afternoon, asking what am I doing, and said she's going to take a 'bath' on phone cause back from work, and then i asked her when she's free again so we can hang out? Is she genuinely interested or just want a hook up?

  • Yes. She might be romantically interested
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  • No. She just want some hookups
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  • I don't know
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  • Well it depends, since you guys talk you'd be able to know a bit more of her intentions and whether she's looking for something more. Since she also has kids

    • She asked me what's my opinon on her during our first date.
      I asked her how many boyfriends she had, she talked a lot of it
      She called me handsome, at least few times last night.
      She was moving her right hand to my crotch after our drink while we were in my car
      But we didn't kiss very passionately cause she's a muslim?

    • she may want to go forward in SOME direction with you, but it doesn't sound like she only wants to be sexual.

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