When to stop waiting for a text from a guy you've been talking to?

If you two suddenly stop texting each other..
how long should I wait before forgetting about him?


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  • That's totally dependent on why you stopped texting each other, in the first place.

    • Just naturally happened. It's been like 2 days

    • Text him yourself and break the ice. See if he responds.

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  • If you always contact him, and he never responds then it's as sign he's lost interest in you. So as soon as he has stopped making an effort to be in your life.. then that's when it's time to forget about him.

    • I contacted him 1 week ago and we just kept talking and talking. Seems like he liked it, but now the convo just died. I don't know

    • Then just be bold and message him. He may be thinking the same as you. If he doesn't message back then you know where you stand.

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  • Instantly. I feel you should catch feelings after the guy has caught them and shows you he loves you. Then put your feelings in gradually. I say this because women put feelings in first then end up getting hurt.

  • it depends on reason