Should I trust her in this long distance relationship after she cheated?

I've been dating this girl for about 9 months now but she just recently told me some news. We said when she first left in the summer, she went in early for summer classes, that we were going to stay loyal to eachother. During that summer time she changed a lot by her attitude towards me, she didn't seem interested, we didn't talk as much, she was lying, she was being munipulative taking advantage of me in the relationship. She came back and we hung out for a week and that changed us back to normal. She admitted to kissing a guy and that she knew she was acting like a bitch and she was going to change. And she did! she stopped going out as much, she doesn't get drunk anymore, she talks to me all the time. She has seemed a lot better. Today she told me over the summer she didn't kiss that guy but she was sleeping with him. She fucked him three times. She told me that still everytime she goes out guys do flirt with her everytime and she makes it seem like she almost likes it. Even though she has been better lately we have been arguing a lot. It like im constantly upset over something she said or the way we are and its just stressing me out to the point where i can't take it. When she goes out all i do is worry about her and if she's going to cheat again and it drives me insane, i can't enjoy my own time out. even when im at home on a Friday nigh trying to relax, im stressing. I brought something about an open relationship and she denied but said she would think about it. I dont want to break up but maybe for the better it should be open whiles she gone and she's mine when she's here. I know shell be with a lot of guys and i dont know how many girls ill be with but we can try. Thats just a thought, what do y'all think? Any other ways to fix this or is that the best way?


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  • DON'T DO IT!!
    once a cheater, always a cheater.
    break it off


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  • Its either break with her or just accept the fact that she's going to be sleeping with other guys