Is it my fault I have no luck on datings apps?

im currently on a dating app, and even though i have had very bad luck regarding finding someone decent, i have talked to some guys.

I problem befere was that i barely asked questions back and i had high expectations, so often the convo died out. And it was more understandable why the guys lost interest quite quickly. But now i make an effort to ask questions back and i have no expectations of it ending in a date, unless it lasts more than a week, and give them full answers, to make the convo work and show that im interested.

But even when i do that nothing comes out of it, so i can't help but ask if its something i say or do that makes them lose interest so fast. The longest convo i had with a guy was two weeks, so after 1 1/2 week had past a part of me actually thought made there would be a date, but i was wrong.

So when i dont make an effort it doest work, and when i make an effort it doesn't work. I dont know what to belive? is it me?


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  • Always make effort if you're into someone. "playing hard to get" is kinda silly >.<

    • I dont play hard to get.. but that doesn't work aparantlyhe

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    • ofc, im not naive ;) But its just so annoying how they will show so much interest and then back off.. i really should stp having epectations towards guys

    • Maybe they don't know anymore either

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  • I think most people have no "luck" on dating apps.


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  • It could be you. Try talking to lots of guys. See what happens. Be more opened and ask questions. Dont give one word responses

    • i just said i always answer with questions back and with detalied and long responses

  • Who knows without seeing your profile, pics, and how the conversation went

    • from the ratings on the app, im considered about average, i have almost 1000 likes on one of the apps and just two days ago i got an e-mail saying i had over 300 new likes on the second app im using. So unless they just messaged me because they have nothing else to do, i doubt its my looks. And from my perspective the convos go well, the guy answers normally quickly, he asks a lot of questions, compliment me etc. But i guess im just very naive or something since it obvious dont end well anyway

  • Let's see what you look like


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