Is it stupid to keep hoping for him?

So there's this guy. I met him in September and we had immediate chemistry. We started hanging out all the time (me meeting his friends, going out to dinner, or just walking around campus) and texting a lot too. Things were going pretty well and I liked him a lot. We kissed finally in November and I've spent the night at his place a few times. It seemed like the relationship between us was going somewhere. But then he started acting weird and there were a few things that bothered me a little bit (he's blown me off a few times and often seems way too busy to even respond) so I talked to him about it one night in December before we left to go back for winter break. We talked for a long time and I said that it felt like he was leading me on and then he replied that he just wouldn't be 100% into a relationship at the time and it wouldn't be fair to me. I was hurt that night by a few things that came up. He said that we could still be friends and I said that I liked him way too much to just be friends and that we could talk after break. We left it at that and then went home. I did end up texting him Meery Christmas and we talked for a little bit, only about 6 texts total. About a week after getting back to school I texted him and we had a really good conversation until he just stopped responding. I don't want to text him again but is it stupid to still hope that he still likes me?


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  • Even if he still likes you, he clearly stated that he doesn't want the same things as you. It seem like you want a relationship with him while the most he is looking for is friends with benefits. You should move on and find someone who wants the same thing as you.

  • You are wasting your time, yes. I'm sorry he wasn't upfront about his commitment issues earlier, that was very douchey of him. You should just cut off contact with him entirely and move on. He won't change anytime soon.