Does he have feelings or does he love me?

Yesterday my ex and I were talking... We're sort of a thing. We were getting into some deep conversation and I said something about my body and he replied, " Because your skin is still skin ^.^ does not matter if there is scars there or not I still love it c:" and then I said "you love my body?" And he said "duh" ...

Later on I told him I didn't feel safe in my house because my brother was smoking with his friends and drinking.. There was this kid there that used to follow me home so I felt extremely unsafe. He asked me if I still had his knife and I said yeah but I stored it in a safe place so I didn't know where it was.. And then he said "damn it I need to get you a bigger one"

are these small signs that he still has feelings or that he still loves me?


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  • Umm I don't know about love but looks like he still feels for ya 😶


What Girls Said 1

  • He has feelings for you but he's probably uncertain of the whole situation between you.